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Hong Kong Apartment Studio Prove Small Can Still be Beautiful


Serine ambiance for Hong Kong-based, young Swiss couple is created by this project referencing the mood and feel of a Swiss chalet in contemporary entwinement with Asian stylistic and simplicity. The project, carried out by the young team of Bean Buro, included redesign and refurbishing of a modest size apartment in historical, 19th-century building in old Hong Kong.

Drawing inspiration from the simple lines of Scandinavian style furnishing, entwined with the influence of the Asian location of the place – including the Japanese tea house style of the elevated wooden platform near the panoramic window; the designers created an eclectic ambiance that combines the organic materials palette and the smooth, curved shapes of contemporary structures and furniture.

The clean feel of the apartment’s modern ambiance is enhanced by choice of light and organic color combinations – mainly based on the fresh light oak wood structures and light neutral shades. Accents in darker colors like the stylish, deep blue sliding glass and a metal door that conceals the cleverly and efficiently hidden bed structure, or the inviting and elegant sofa in dark charcoal – give a visual anchor of the easy-going flow of the light design arrangement. In the kitchen areas the intense blue color of the custom-made panels and structures entwines with bright white surfaces, creating very refreshing atmosphere – early morning coffee is never going to be a bother in such a crisp, fresh and modernly functional ambiance.

Linking the open kitchen, foyer, dining, and lounge spaces together by the central joinery element with its curved corners and sleek modern expression is an excellent, original way of bringing the decor together, corresponding with the smooth and tranquil atmosphere of the design. These central structures host a terrazzo lined niche and integrated fireplace – a romantic touch carried out in simple, modern lines.

The cozy wooden sanctuary of the elevated terrace becomes an in-between space, creating the connection between the tranquil streets of the neighborhood and the serene ambiance of the home. The concept of this ‘theatre box’ was inspired by The Muller House – a house designed by the late architect Adolf Loose in 1930, and sustained in clear-lined, organic and culture-inspired Japanese tea house style.