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Moscow Studio Apartment with Smart Zoning Space


No more “square” life – asymmetric walls and diagonal lines compose an inspired and unusual urban dwelling. Faced with the challenge of creating multiple functional zones and a spacious feel from one bedroom apartment in Moscow, Russia the architects from Shkaf Architects took an unexpected and creative approach towards space division. A style that combines dynamic contemporary expression and what the architects call “emotional minimalism” give us this modern design space with its intriguing features and unconventional zoning.

Dividing the main premise into several small ones (an approach contradictory to the main-stream search for one open and multi-functional space that we observe in urban culture and trendy design in the last years) in a dynamic maze-like sequence the designers composed an intriguing division of privet and communal areas. Using asymmetrical walls, flexible corners (far away from the conventional 90 degrees) and altitude that often does not reach the ceilings, the architects composed a space that instead of solid divisions features dynamic sketches of lines and angles, giving a playful hint of separation of premises. The diagonal color juxtaposition between light and dark tonalities and materials alternation adds to the dynamic feel of the layout.

Creating optical dynamics and bright light reflection by adding mirrored panels at dark-colored angles the architects not only give an optical illusion of larger space but also, supplemented the alternation of colors: the working corner is a beautiful example of this creative design approach. The dynamic composition of the apartment also features the main master bedroom – sustained in white minimalism and inviting elegance, a living room space that features interesting custom-made media-set, triangular structure, and comfy, modern modular sofa arrangement.

Behind asymmetrical walls and accentuated by deep blue coloring a working corner is designated. Modern furnishing and elegant minimalism are characteristic here as well. A small wall to wall bed faces the floor-to-ceiling panoramic window viewing the urban panorama – a pleasant reading niche or guests bedroom premise.

The design of this apartment is inspiring not only with the multi-functionality of the new premises but also with their dynamic movement and unexpected corners. The furnishing is kept minimal, contemporary and with a domination of unusual shapes and textures: triangles, rounded corners, and flexible shapes give a futuristic feel to the elegant contemporary composition. The accents of the modern lamps and lighting installations enhance the fell of urban dynamic with the insertion of thin, elegant lines, suspended wiring and trendy design.