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Modern Family Home by Ramūnas Manikas


House in Palanga, Lithuania transformed in modern family home by interior designers Ramūnas Manikas and Valdas Kontrimas.

The area of the first floor of the residential house in Palanga unites the living-room, and the kitchen. The latter is detached with the wall from the rest of the area and has a gas fireplace installed. It is the focus of the first floor of the house, distinguished by its scale and stone texture fitting.

The area where previously the winter garden was projected was connected to the common area and transformed into the dining-room. In this way, the area of the first floor was expanded and living space created which is convenient for everyday use for the hosts.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are arranged on the second floor. Modern stylistics is dominant in the interior of the house. Brown and whitish tones of the walls and furniture, as well as the color of oil wood flooring, are harmonized throughout the areas of both floors.