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20th-Century House Transformed Into a Gorgeous Modern Home


An intriguing undulated house in Portugal combines the singular beauty of its facade and architectural expression with pure, luminous and incredibly stylish modern interior decor composition. The house with the cute name “Redondo” (in a sink with the oblong characteristics of its construct) is built at the beginning of the 20th century and its proudly standing its cylindrical facade on the oblique cross of two streets. Corresponding with the unique facade, the designers from Branco-DelRio Arquitectos created a stylish, warm and elegant in its simplicity interior decor composition to go well with the charming architectural construct.

Reimagining the house layout the architects put a great effort to respect and literary fallow the curve of some of the most charming features of the original architectural construct while creating an open, functional and luminous sequence of fluidly transitioning modern premises. Using the vertical house generosity (the original construct consisted of narrow, crowded rooms but with high ceilings) the designers used a series of free-standing furniture pieces and custom-made structures to solve the functional distribution of premises.

Extensive wooden cladding, gorgeous blond wood parquet throughout the house, oak and sucupira wood furniture pieces, and the elegant simplicity of textures and colors create very warm and pure ambiance. The furnishing is a selection of custom-made structures, modern design pieces and vintage hints, which give the house’s history a playful wink. The well-balanced choice of colors, textures, and materials, as well as the elegant, restraint in furnishing and the purity of the decor arrangement, compose a very harmonious ambiance, within the rich history shell.

Creating an ambiguous space on the roof plane: an area that is simultaneously open and privet; inside and outside. Exposed and partly sheltered – the designers secured a beautiful chill-out zone that enjoys the sun and the beautiful view of the city in its modern-minimalism of decor composition. The contours here make an excellent representation of the unique house shape and the pure and stylish design approach of the architects.  Photography by do mal o menos