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Renovated Apartment Shows How Wood Panels can add Character


Modern luxury, vast, open premises clad in wood, clear lined structures and furnishing, dominating rectangular shapes and accents in black and gray – those are the main features of the interior decor for this contemporary apartment in the resort city of Netanya, Israel.

Located near the sea the property enjoys sea view panorama through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The architects from Tal Goldsmith Fish underlined the simple linear composition of the premises using brass element in different variations: as a sparkling accent going through the luxurious wooden cladding, as a foot base that underlines the structures emerging from the floors or as simple decor detail; the trendy touch of this sparkling metal additions is a unique characteristic of the decor arrangement.

The premises offer open floor layout and easy flow from one space to another, although the more privet quarters are concealed behind hidden into the luxurious wooden cladding doors and passages. The noble materials, their light purity and the warmth of the wood details and structures are in dynamic dialog with the dark gray tonalities, thin black accents and textural richens of the furnishing arrangement. The sophisticated gray hues in the interior that entwine with the wooden elements create quite an elegant and pure modern ambiance.

The main living premise connects in open floor layout the modernistic kitchen area (with its trendy dark and simple lined structures – kitchen island, dining bar and intriguingly composed cabinetry and appliance structure) with the rest of the living premises furnished in warmer textures, a gray elegance of furnishing and modernly shaped furniture elements. All laid on the smooth trendy surface of the terrazzo floors elegantly transfusing into the warm of the wooden cladding.  Photography by Amit Geron