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Jungle Inspired Urban Dеcor for Modern Apartment


Creating this urban oasis the designers from DNA Concept Design use an abundance of fresh decor elements inspired from the leisure: full and fresh spirit of the jungle, from the suspended sling chair hanging invitingly in front of the panoramic windows, through the mural paint wall (that surprisingly opens and reveals a smart and space-saving guest bed installation) with its jungle leaves pattern, to the lush green plant life spread throughout the apartment and the mint-green color accents of the color palette.

The apartment design consists of exciting decor solutions like the rope light bulbs installation, clever panel and custom-made structures (offering a clean and pure solution for storage and other functional needs of modern life) and  stylish furnishing arrangement. Artistic design defiles: like the Eames House Bird or the unique rope installation above the kitchen counter; are also entirely fitting the jungle theme of the design composition.

The main living premise offers an open layout arrangement that unites the kitchen area, a corridor entrance, and soft siting room zone. The furnishing here is modern, simple and with exclusively clear lines. Extensive paneling and custom-made structures host not only the entertaining wall set but also cabinetry and closed, securing a very tidy and contemporarily clean approach.

The color palate is dominated by neutral tonalities of gray (replicated in floor and ceiling cladding) dark brown, black and light or white accents. Behind glass separation, an expressive green wall painting introduces the forest freshness into the interior, stylishly replicated and enhanced by living plants and some small details: like the cute cushions with their jungle-themed upholstery. The entwinement of modern smooth surfaces and jungle hints creates one very pure and stylish urban ambiance.  Hey!Cheese Photography