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Vertical Garden Introduces Fresh Green Accent into São Paulo Apartment


Lush vertical garden introduces fresh green accent into the elegant and sober design arrangement of this apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. The designers from GDL Arquitetura had created this fluid space arrangement for the contemporary and comfortable home of a young family, eliminating partitions and opening the main living area in well-lit open floor plan composition.

The space design offers elegant entwinement of materials and colors as well as clear-lined shapes and clean, modern details and lighting schemes. The custom-made wooden structures and concrete clad fireplace (specially designed by the architects for this project) and the extensive wooden cladding are in harmonious correlation with the rest of the furniture arrangement, materials and color choices. Classic Brazilian furniture arrangement: featuring large leather clad furniture pieces, vintage hints of the design and reminiscent of colonial woven chairs, together with an abundance of white textures, textile elements and decor details (including the luxurious presence of the contemporary marble kitchen island and breakfast bar combo) create light, modern and welcoming ambiance.

Small contextual niches form throughout the interior: the light concrete woven white chairs combo in front of the fireplace; the more welcoming and cozy looking sofa and TV assembly, the luxurious and trendy breakfast bar arrangement, the comfortable work space with its gorgeous wooden library structure and the charming breeze ambiance of the balcony – dining space. Altogether the main living space design offers well measured color combinations in neutral and natural tonalities and organic materials combinations that compose a classic and elegant decor. The furniture pieces combine classic, vintage and contemporary influences in one harmonious arrangement, dominated by the custom-made structures in the living and kitchen zones.

The open floor plan of the main space is connected through a sliding glass door with the balcony – dining room space where the fresh green accent of the trendy vertical wall introduces another typical for the contemporary Brazilian design touch- the richness of the jungle carried in the modern home assembly. This fresh, natural accent goes marvelously with the organic furniture materials and wooden elements. The rest of the premises in this urban apartment are also characteristic whit their sober, elegant and light design arrangement that seeks homey and welcoming ambiance in the vibrant and soft textural and tactile elements.