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Rustic Farmhouse Gets a Contemporary Makeover by JUMA architects


What happens when one reimagines the old farmhouse into stylish contemporary design? How a lightness and elegance can be achieved while also preserving authentic rustic details?

The young people form JUMA Architects created the exquisite ambiance of this modern home entwining stylish, robust hints, extensive stone and concrete structures, metal and wood additions all entwined into light modern decor with a hint of Asian minimalism and elegance interlaced with intriguing rustic farm-style leftovers translated into modern urban expression. Transforming the old farm architectural structure (previously served as an office space) the architects sought to achieve a well-measured balance between the authentic elements of the house structure and the purity of the new design and contemporary features.

Beautiful, stylish example of this creative combination approach is the matching of the existing bluestone sing with its contemporary clear-lined black base. Or the way the light and elegant furnishing arrangement of the dining and kitchen zones (although modern and light in appearance) underlines the solid and rich textural accent of the original stone tile floors.

Or, the way the exposed wooden beams give warm and textural riches to the very cozy looking bedroom premise with its original A-framed roof. That is also a great example of how to interlace gracefully the existing rustic element into light, modern composition.

Using the large open floor plan layout, the designers created a logical sequence of warmly furnished and elegantly styled living areas. Introducing unique and characteristic space dividing accents: like the black-stained vertical wooden slats that give a very specific greeting in the entrance area and seclude the minimally furnished office space the designers provide a new read of the space distribution – a dynamic and contemporary one.

The beautiful materials selection; from the very expressive stone floors, terrazzo structures and polish concrete additions to the warm textiles used as an upholstery and warm accents throughout the house, or the whitewash coverage of walls and architectural structures combined with light textiles, creates a very rich, luminous and characteristic expression of the decor arrangement.

The color palette chosen by the designers is also adding to the welcoming and modern emanation of the home: mainly light colors with character adding metal or black accents; especially in lamps and small decor details. A very dynamic juxtaposition of surface colors is achieved in the kitchen zone – black and light, and the black details in bathrooms are also characteristic, with strong contemporary infusion. Photos by Annick Vernimmen