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Estúdio BRA Arquitetura Designed a Compact House in São Paulo


Estúdio BRA creates an urban home with honest, contemporary expressions and beautiful gardens for a young couple in São Paulo, Brazil. Transforming an old house structure into a contemporary home with a charming rooftop garden and courtyard to match the free flow of light in the inner premises the architects from Estúdio BRA created a sunny urban recreation of the amazon rainforest nature into the narrow plot of São Paulo’s metropolis.

The third generation home with its narrow and overcrowded premises did not meet the needs of the young couple, so the architects preserved only the beautiful and solid masonry brick walls (which are after that cleverly incorporated in the contemporary design arrangement) and created a modern, franc and open home structure whit some characteristic design elements.

The new structure features concrete clad facade, a slightly cantilevered second-floor cube that gives the expression of contemporary Juliet’s balcony whit its large glass opening and strong metal beams and structures. One of these original metal structures is the stylish staircase that makes the connection between floors and is an essential protagonist of the interior design arrangement. Another characteristic feature of the facade and the architectural construct are the large glass openings (nice contemporary entwinement between concrete and glass) that make a fluid transition between the inner premises and the gardens, lush with native plant life: including a jabuticaba tree, or Brazilian grape tree, which not only provides shade but also produces berries – a yummy twist into the design.

The open and sunny kitchen area, the first one to greets a visitor after the opening towards the courtyard, features certain duality and pairing in the materials palette composition, on the floors patterned tiles and cumarú wood entwine and give the tone for the rest of the structure: white brick walls meet marble kitchen island and plywood custom- made cabinetry. This creates light and pure color expression between the warm wood tonality and the white or light gray surfaces. Sonny whiteness prevails in the base of the color palette giving the contemporary furniture pieces (some of which composed of metal or other modern materials) a sharp and clean feel.

The same materials and light color palettes continue to the rear of the ground floor where an invitingly looking living room premise offers a comfy furniture arrangement combining classic Brazilian style furniture (with large leather elements) and simple contemporary shapes, including the stylish foam-green sofa. Throughout the house furniture pieces and structures specially designed by the architects for this project, give unique and modern expression to the furniture arrangement. The rooftop garden becomes a stylish and modernly furnished oasis with a beautiful view towards the city scenery.