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Cache Atelier Created Trendy Office Space for GVC Sofia


We have been following the work of this Bulgarian design studio from some time now and we pretty much enjoy their bold approach towards color and contrast, their innovative and creative view towards materials and shapes and the modern and flexible space distribution the designers from Cache Atelier apply when composing the office premises and workplace projects they work on.

The work they have done composing the offices for SiteGround is quite amazing, and you can explore their vivid and entertaining projects here, but their new project creating the office space for GVC in Sofia, Bulgaria is also an intriguing expression of modern dynamics and playful color and shapes arrangement. Let’s take a look.

The overall aesthetics of the design composition remind us a bit of the Paysafe office space design inspiration while also introducing innovative and bold contrast and solutions and very functional space arrangement. Creating a mixture of open space work areas, personal offices, meeting rooms and scattered open collaboration zones and niches the designers aimed for a functional and dynamic work environment that can offer transparency, inspiration and privet seclusion if necessary. The trendy glass cubes of the meeting rooms can be fully transparent or more intimate only by arranging the large curtains. This textural element also offers warmth, tactile and colorful richness to the otherwise contemporary smoothness of the design composition.

An artistic and well-balanced juxtaposition between the row concrete structures, contemporary minimalism details or industrial hints and the soft, warm colored furniture pieces and sunny design elements is visible throughout the premises, creating a dynamic and expressive environment full of entertaining contrasts. Intriguing lamp installations and lighting schemes are characteristic for the whole design project (and the work of the designers in general) introducing modern touch and clear lined silhouettes into the decor composition. We find it particularly catching how one of the light installations – whit is thin black lines seems to be replicated as a silhouette inspiration in one of the many stylish mural’s design graphic. Or the other way around.

Another signature touch of the designer’s style are the colorful furniture pieces in intriguing contemporary shapes, laid on the backdrop of well measured and sometimes monochrome color palette. The cafeteria, for example, offers a well-balanced mixture of modern minimalism: the simple black lines of all the sitting spots; and cheerful, a colorful accent of the bar space, becoming a focal point to the design arrangement. The same is true for the rest of this very entering and creative office decor – a dynamic contrast of color accents and sunny spots on a base of a stylish monochrome backdrop. Ergonomic shapes and industrial inspired touches also entwine in the artistic furniture selection created by the Cache Atelier’s designers.

We enjoy the playful spirit introduced by the game table inserted in the main working premise a dynamic mixture of working and leisure-time activities. Altogether an office spaces design that says; let’s have fun and play while creating and working together.  Photographer: Minko Minev