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Barcelona Apartment Renovation by Raúl Sánchez Architects


Renovating this Barcelona apartment Raúl Sánchez Architects aimed for greater spatial richens, fluid expression of succession and functional division, adding layers of complexity to the interior experience of the home they used materials and color as a subtle signification of border.

The lines between the living room and the kitchen zone and respectfully between the entrance and the living quarters are achieved by the textural juxtaposition between oak parquet and granite tiles, between white wall painting and stylish gray purity. Same goes for the transition between the living room space whit its warm colors and the balcony, with black paint fame (a very stylish and functional design structure offering multiple functions – to divide, to secure comfy sitting space or just a decoration surface) and the shining surface of the pure white metro tiles cladding.

The same textural border design knack can be observed between the master bedroom and its bathroom space; here we have also a sliding mat glass door that does not reach the ceiling – so is more of a symbolic border. But the materials and colors play again- white and gray, granite and wood. But the most visible and stylish materials division of spaces is, of course in the main living premises, between the kitchen zone and the sitting room arrangement.

Soft, whit abundance of inviting textiles and textures (wood and fluffy rugs, inviting sofa, by the trendy brand Napper, with intense color accents in the cushions) with rounded furniture shapes and elegant lines: the living room space design is juxtaposed to the smooth and more decisive lines in arrangement of the kitchen zone. Here we have trendy terrazzo cladding, granite, marble and other gray surfaces compose simple rectangular shapes. The purity and contemporary expression (bordering minimalism) are characteristic for the whole apartment’s arrangement but are particularly expressive here.

The entrance of the apartment is also carefully designed and arranged with custom-made shelving that hosts some beautiful decor details: like the trendy copper dishes or the signature wooden figurines by Vitra the entrance space is as stylish and elegantly designed as the rest of the apartment; a good welcome to the apartment. Throughout the premises trendy furniture pieces by renowned brands like Vitra, HAY, and Muuto grace the decor arrangement with their thin, elegant silhouettes and fluid shapes.