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Coastal Concrete House in Tamarama


The affinity of the renowned Luigi Rosselli Architects towards rounder shapes, smooth corners and lines and modern luminosity is visible in their new project the Tama’s Tee House located in Tamarama, a Sydney beach suburb, Australia.

The house reconstruction was influenced one by the remains of the ticky-tacky boxes left by previous owners and second by the characteristic for the region surfing culture. Crisp and modern, light and stylish, beautiful characteristics of a modern home. Preserving the sand-stone structure on the base of the house the architects build contemporary concrete shell above it whit characteristic, for the architects, rounded corners, and fresh emanation. Embracing natural materials palette that can still outstand the harsh sea climate the architect composed a bright and soft environment that entwines wood, concrete, tiles and rounded shapes.

The unique and intriguing shape of the suspended fireplace becomes a central focal point to the main living premise open layout. Light contemporary design characterizes the furniture arrangement, replicating the oblong shapes and rounded corners of the custom-made structures: the amazing kitchen island, modernistic fireplace and the undulated corners of windows and arches; fit in one coherent idea of the modern and dynamic softness of interior decor composition. Modern furniture pieces and trendy lamps fallow the round curves of the architectural construct and offer elegant and well-measured arrangement.

The bathrooms of the house also offer a stylish contemporary arrangement that carries the signature touch of the architects in their rounded corners and smooth modern arrangement. The trendy dark stone basin, the stylish tile compositions, and brass elements compose an elegant bathroom atmosphere. In the rest of the premises, mild pastel colors and natural wood accents compliment the luminous whiteness of the main architectural construct. Very well measured and intelligently composed modern decor.  Photography by Prue Roscoe , Edward Birch