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42 Square Meters Studio Apartment


Thinking outside the box? Especially if it’s a tiny box? Well as we have mentioned before small “boxes” become more and more frequent in the urban living arrangement so creative challenge and at the same time – unique possibility lays ahead of world’s architects and designers.

This tiny apartment, a mere 42 square meters in Porto Alegre, Brazil is presenting us with its purity of expression and elegant functionalism created by AMBIDESTRO Arquitetura team. Merging all the day-life functions in open floor plan the designers used large modular furniture piece that combines: dining table, sofa and a double bed in one elegant and clear-lined piece of furniture, leaving enough room on each side to allow free movement. Hidden storage compartments, flexible lighting and modern simplicity of decorative details add to the economic and smart usage of space.

The kitchen area is at the end of the living premise, and behind its smooth surfaces and pure linear expression, multiple appliances and necessary utilities lay. The noble presence of marble like surfaces in luminous white, with delicate gray veins (that are in harmony with the main future stylish gray color selection) gives a fresh and somewhat luxurious expression to the decor composition. The same material is used in one of the bathrooms in an elegant and contemporary bathroom utility composition; the other bathroom offers a trendy dark granite cube for the shower stow, composed by small rectangles that give a modern and dynamic edge to the arrangement.

The color combinations of the whole apartment are kept light and elegant – entwining pure gray’s whit natural wooden touches and pure white of surfaces and exquisite materials the designers achieved purity and lightness for the composition of this small space. Keeping it simple, elegant and modern gives a very stylish and unique expression for even the smallest of homes – so well measured balance is a key.