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GDL Arquitetura Renovated São Paulo Apartment to Maximize Open Spaces


Luminous whiteness, intriguing and stylish furniture pieces, exciting flooring solutions compose the elegant decor of this small urban apartment. The architect Gabriel de Lucca – GDL Arquitetura, renovated this São Paulo apartment, rearranging the space distribution and using mainly light color and materials palette, giving in this way an additional spaciousness and serine emanation to the elegant modern composition.

Choosing bright and light materials and textures the designers enhanced the apartment search for spaciousness and purity of expression. Emphasizing the luminosity of the white walls and ceilings, the light oak laminate and the neutral shade of the trendy hexagonal concrete tiles in the kitchen the monochrome color scheme adds to the purity of the design. On the light and neutral color backdrop the tile wall in the kitchen zone: designed by the Brazilian firm Lurca – stands out whit its colorful and artistic graphic pattern. Beautiful kitchen island with minimalist and yet characteristic color and shape expression, divides the kitchen zone from the comfy living room area.

One of the main protagonists of the design arrangement becomes the elegant silhouette of the Wishbone Chair, its iconic design draws its inspiration form portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Chinese Ming Dynasty chairs, and the designer Hans J. Wegner translated it into light modern shape. The chair is introduced in different locations throughout the decor – from the bedroom to the kitchen adding (with its pure shape and light wooden structure) to the modern and elegant atmosphere.

Intriguing lighting scheme giving a soft glow to the premises, gorgeous bathroom arrangement, sustained in minimalist contemporary language, and light textiles and carpets on central spots throughout the apartment complete the elegant and expressive design arrangement of the space. And of course, not to forget, the small dog’s door – introducing practical and slightly whimsical touch to the decor. Photography by Fran Parente