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Luxury Brazilian Villa by Hype Studio


This contemporary Brazilian home secures luxury, space and dynamic lifestyle comfort for a young couple whit, two children. The creators of this giant mansion, the architects from Hype Studio, used straight lines, cubical shapes, and entwinement of steel pillars, concrete slabs, and glass surfaces to compose this three level contemporary structure.

The underground level (that includes smart ventilation roads) hosts, apart from the technical and staff rooms, the garage whit the owner’s car collection. On the ground floor are located the family everyday life spaces – form the large living room to the office and an entertaining home theater. The bedrooms are located on the last floor, and an additional rectangular volume hosts space suitable for parties and entertaining guests. Beautiful courtyard whit cantilevered glass ceiling, swimming pool and inviting wood terrace connects the two structures.

The architects use concrete walls to secure privacy, huge double-height windows to invite views and light and intriguing lattice and cantilevered structures to filter the direct sunlight. The furnishing of the premises is modern, functional and whit an emphasis on large furniture pieces – from sofas and tables to large plant pots and lighting installations. The central living premise combines a very typical for the trendy Brazilian luxury combination of extensive wooden cladding and paneling whit large and comfy looking sofas and chairs all arranged in an open floor plan flow. The color palette combines classic whites and grays whit occasional pastel accent in beige and blue, all warmed by the honey presence of wooden elements and furniture. Altogether the house offers spacious and open premise arrangement whit extensive wooden cladding that secures warmth and clean, luxurious feel.  Photography by Marcelo Donadussi