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Modern Gray Living Room Decor by Dizaino Virtuve


Crafty and eclectic contemporary apartment, designed with great attention towards the detail. Sometimes when one designs the interior of a simple and boring urban apartment one can create an art piece that entwines exquisite materials and textures, expressive color palette and elegant silhouettes into one unique idea, similar is the case of this project by the Lithuanian design studio Dizaino Virtuvė.

Composing this young, three members family apartment the designers bet not only on eclectic contemporary mixture of elements and delightful monochrome color palette based on different shades of gray, but also on the purity exuded by the prevailing organic materials.

The exquisite interior decor arrangement is dominated by natural surfaces: the kitchen and the working area are made of natural granite, the floor of the apartment: from oak parquet boards, baths, columns and furniture surfaces in the living room – made of luxurious marble.

Trendy brass elements and lamps, woven osier chairs with eclectic expression combining organic traditions and contemporary silhouettes, exposed concrete slabs that hint urban industrial – all those textures and materials create an expressive and unique ambience.

The furniture selection is also eclectic and chosen whit great attention toward the detail: a trendy French chic inspired sofa coexist whit minimalist and modern kitchen appliances and exquisite retro bureau. The spacious main premise entwines rich grays, white and natural wood tones, black and copper accents. Even the bathroom of the apartment is a true masterpiece of exquisite and artistic contemporary design. Glass and concrete, wood and expressive black accents entwine and create pure and modern expression of the decor.  Photography by Kernius Pauliukonis