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Rooftop Swimming Pool Experience in a Luxurious Modern House


Contemporary luxury and dynamic architectural concept based on the entwinement of glass, wood, and concrete – this is the Villa Wall House created by Guedes Cruz Arquitectos. Located amongst the dunes of the Portuguese Riviera and near the Sintra-Cascais National Park the building’s open, dynamic and transparent architecture is strongly inspired and openly connected with the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

One of the most striking features of this home are the cross-laid swimming pools – one on top of each other, and the top one has a bottom made of glass, which turns the swimming into a fantastic floating in the air like experience. Bold solutions, clear, straight lines, minimalism inspired decor and architectural structures give the house an absolute purity of expression despite its apparent luxury.

The semi-open construct of the courtyard terrace, main living premise combo, gives an elegant connection between the natural landscape, with its distant pine trees and flat meadows, and the contemporary interior design arrangement. The warmth and clean emanation of the wooden structures (including the intriguing suspended staircase that connects the levels of the house) is cleverly entwined with the purity and simplicity of the concrete slabs, composing together dynamic and multileveled architectural construct.

Vast glass openings – not only at the facade of the house but also in unexpected corners, like the bathroom premises or in other inside premise divisions: corridors, kitchen, terraces gives bold transparency and airy feel to the composition.

The spiral-like staircase is leading towards the inner-courtyard, lush green walls and inviting looking modern pieces of furniture complete the welcoming and artistic feel of this warm and luxurious home, nestled between the coastal dunes. The courtyard, paying tribute to the Mediterranean traditional constructs, protects the dwelling from the strong Atlantic wind. Photography by Ricardo Oliveira Alves