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Zen Inspired Interior Decor


Creating an ambiance that invites serenity, calm and openness is a challenge when the dynamic of modern lifestyle collides with the search for spiritual purity, so a harmonious balance is an achievement worth noting.

The collaboration between Very Studio and Che Wang Architects lead to the creation of this contemporary space in Taichung, Taiwan that embodies the smooth curve and purity of Zen design into an elegant modern arrangement that secures a free flow of space, light, air and even sound.

Striping the dark, confine and crowded original space to its base and creating the new shape and flow the architects aimed for a new concept of modern design. Composing a dome-like ceiling, arched windows and door frame the architects created a cozy and elegantly lit and ventilated home.

The oblong, fluid shapes of the contemporary furniture pieces follow the curves of the architectural construct, creating a smooth and easygoing ambiance. The minimalism of furnishing, the prevailing whiteness of color composition (accentuated by light pastel shades and sunny color elements) contributes and emphasizes the luminous expression of the interior décor composition. Intriguing sound characteristics keep the sound under the dome-curved ceiling of each sector, securing functional privacy and seamless borders between the different premises.

The radiant light and organic undulated shapes entwine the modern lifestyle whit more natural features. After all a rectangular is not naturally occurring form, soft curves call for more Nature-like home composition and in this case are met by modern aesthetics, materials, furniture and lighting structures.  Photography by Te-Fan Wang, Studio Millspace