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MCK Architects Transforms Sydney Warehouse into a Modern Family Home


Dark and trendy, whit dynamic structure and unique space distribution this Sydney house project transforms an inner-city warehouse (with a rich history; from glass decorator factory to an auto garage) into a contemporary family home with intriguing character and modern decor composition.

The MCK architects had composed the premises in monochromic and minimalistic expression because of their philosophy that “the architecture should be about form and space, forming a backdrop for the ‘colour’ of the inhabitants and their family life.” So in the case of this dynamic urban project impressive structures – like the staircase adoring the main void of the living premises and its three floors open space height, or the vibrant textural presence of the exposed brick and stone walls that give a rough juxtaposition to the smooth and modernistic furniture surfaces in the living room.

Another focal point in the main living premises, with their impressive height, is the suspended fireplace (a popular element used in many contemporary decor arrangements) and the double-height guillotine window that introduces the charming courtyard as a significant protagonist in the house design arrangement.

The primary architectural construct created from the architects alternates black and white surfaces and structures giving a simple, clean-lined backdrop for the comfortable and simplistic furniture arrangement. In the central living space, large and comfy looking modern design sofa, in neutral gray, stays in the center of the design composition. A beautiful piano and classic- inspired dining table set are positioned at the rough textural accent of the brick and stone wall, giving a romantic hint to the smooth modernism of the rest of the decor arrangement.

The almost seamless transition between inside premises and the courtyard provides a sense of openness and warm connection with living natural elements. The metal mesh screens of the staircase construct, combined with an abundance of black items and surfaces, minimalist forms and contemporary shapes give a reminder of the industrial past of the building, but in a dynamic and elegant manner. Altogether the house is a comfortable, light and modernly expressive project of urban life.  Photography by Richard Glover