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Renovation of Classic Barcelona Apartment by Studio Sincro


The renovation of this classic Barcelona apartment was carried by the designers from studio Sincro – Luis Ruiz and Carolina Luzón. They aimed for creating a dynamic and contemporary ambiance that still preserves some of the original and classic features of the apartment.

The dynamic entwinement of design elements and furniture with the pure stylistic of the original floors, the baroque ornaments on the ceilings and the rich textural presence of the exposed brick walls gives an interesting characteristic to this design style.

Memorable and intriguing design elements: like the lush green wall on the spacious terrace a very trendy touch that introduces freshness and natural abundance of spirit. Or the contemporary beauty of the working corner: a simplistic yet artful composition for office space; small, whit raw materials: exposed bricks, concrete slabs and thin metals (in trendy black and white colors) compose a functional yet creative space behind the vast windows inviting an abundance of natural light.

Trendy design furniture pieces, intriguing colored glass accents, rich sculptural shapes and art elements compose an ambiance of strong expression and entertaining nature. Each premise has its creative and unique face – the spacious and somewhat whimsical terrace with strong focal accents: from the baroque-inspired blue armchairs combined whit minimalist metal garden furniture – to the beauty of the green wall juxtaposing its organic presence to the artful synthetic butterfly pots installation.

The living room with its shining elements and undulated avant-garde shapes. The office with its contemporary stylistic and elegant character. The kitchen that presents us with modern oasis composition whit almost minimal (in comparison) expression, featuring trendy design pieces like Stool One designed by Konstantin Grcic or the monolith silhouette of the shining kitchen island. Rich, dynamic and contemporarily entertaining the apartment offers some precious details and intriguing compositions.