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Tomokatzu Hayakawa Architects Renovate 70’s Tokyo Apartment


Renovating this 70’s apartment in Tokyo, Japan the architects from Tomokatzu Hayakawa Architects give it not only new space distribution and an increase of the natural light flow, but they also created an environment with clear stylistic and slightly urban-industrial appearance.

The exposed concrete walls and ceiling beams, the abundance of trendy metal framed glass partitions (including the characteristic for the design composition focal center of the revolving metal-glass door) and the simple retro hint of the finishing create an ambiance of contemporary expression and pure stylistic.

The central living premises whit their simple rectangular shape, full of natural light combine the kitchen zone: with minimalist cubical furniture, appliances, and box-like custom-made structures; The dining space with elegant contemporary furniture composition with characteristic design arrangement includes differently colored, shaped and materials chairs – a playful design touch;The living premise where retro-inspired leather coach with metal legs is combined with the warm, colorful presence of carpet and custom made wooden library  media set structure.

The main focal feature of the design – the dark metal framed glass separation and the revolving door whit its multifunctional and dynamic aesthetics, gives youthful and contemporary expression to the whole design composition.

The same light space separation knack is used in the bedroom – here a lighter piece of white metal and clear glass, simultaneously separate and includes the bathroom design into the privet sleeping quarter’s composition. The alternation of organic herringbone parquet with polished concrete floors and tile compositions gives a rich textural element to the design. The whole apartment decor has a strong urban, youthful and contemporary vibe.