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Fabio Fantolino Created Home for Mother and Son Inspired by 70s


Uniting two apartments in Turin, Italy into one design linked living arrangement the designers from Fabio Fantolino created a contemporary home for mother and son, a space that provides privacy and independence for a bout of the inhabitants, and it’s yet united by its specific epochs inspired decors.

The designers used rich variety of textures (from the luxurious velvet and Calacatta marble, to the more trendy stainless steel ornaments, organic oak and walnut), intriguing combinations of pastel colors and unusual shapes – whit a preference towards rounder corners and metal frames to compose a decor that is artistic, elegant and memorable representation of the 50s and 70s trends translations into modern design.

Two living rooms, two kitchens and dining premises, two of everything – what an opportunity in front of the creative imagination. The mothers living room is slightly larger and with more feminine and elegant edge. The vibe form the 1950s finds it stronger expression here – sofa from Minotti, Freeman Tailor, upholstered with gray cotton with clear, linear decor, typical for the 1950s, is complemented by a light, almost white carpet, pale pink velvet chairs and black benches.

The coffee table design is very intriguing also – not only with its strong inspiration from the 50s it has a very distinctive design patterns, the two circles echo a decor motive used by the designers throughout the premises- in bathrooms, bedrooms or living room’s cupboard artistic design signature. Unusual, trendy, colorful and artistic lamps adorn the decor arrangement throughput the premises – including iconic pieces like the Tango lamp by Paul Matter that illuminates the round marble table in the dining zone.

Herringbone parquet from natural oak connects the two zones of the apartments in unifying theme. Although the smaller premises draw their design inspiration more from the 70ts unifying touches (like the marble-clad expression of the bathrooms, the preference towards the rounded crones and arched windows, or the organic flooring) connect the design. The living room here is more modern and informal; it is decorated with a vintage leather armchair, a gasoline-colored couch and light chrome chairs with artificial suede seats.