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Studio Bazi Create Modern Functional Space from Tiny Apartment


The designers from Studio Bazi apparently have a knack to create modern functional spaces from tiny apartments. We have introduced to you another project of theirs – a transformation of small urban space into elegant and inventive micro-living project.

Their new one created for a single man, in a historic house in the center of Moscow – it is just another beautiful, and functional remained of the ingenuity of the designers. The pressing need for space in modern urban life leads to innovative and extraordinarily smart and stylish solutions from contemporary designers. In the case of this flat; its compact functionalism is achieved by precisely organized blocks and structures within structures so that the final result can meet all the modern day life needs.

Custom made structures that host – multi-functional kitchen (with all the necessary appliances and storage space) and a laundry unit along with closed are composed at the entrance of the home using dynamic cubical shapes and movable surfaces – all neatly arranged behind wooden doors.

Further on an elegant wooden bookshelf – library structure with reinforced stainless steel spine creates a cozy reading corner near the windows, chairs for guest can fit and be stored away if not needed. The designers used minimalist furnishing and the clear expression of the general whiteness combined with the warm organic feel of wooden structures – to create an ambiance that exudes purity, openness, and freshness, something highly necessary when composing a limited living space.

The intriguing entwinement of modern custom-made structures with retro furniture pieces – most of them are dating as back as the 1930-s – gives a charming personality and romantic touch to this modern life trendy design. The rich textures of the retro carpets introduce warmth and color into the contemporary design arrangement. Nice design touch, are the circular openings that bring natural light into the bathroom and toilet spaces.  Photography by Polina Poludkina