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Practical One-Bedroom Apartment


When the owner of this flat in São Paulo bought the space, it was a poorly considered alcove studio with the kitchen hidden behind a partial wall. But working with local architects at Vão, the apartment has been transformed into a clean-lined and practical one-bedroom.

The most significant change in the renovation was moving the kitchen from its nook at the back of the apartment into the living room. This freed up the rear space for a bedroom, created by extending the partial wall. The bedroom walls do not reach the ceiling, providing a loft storage space accessible by an iron ladder.

Other black iron elements contrast with space’s bright white walls – a high black shelf for books, and a lower floating media console that also contains the owner’s record collection. A partially exposed brick wall and large triangular wooden beam add character.

The kitchen features a concrete-and-wood counter cabinet, small stove, and fridge with open shelving for essentials like coffee and tea. A set of white cabinets hovers above the countertop.

The most compelling storage idea here may be the concealed cabinetry at one end of the bedroom wall: Different sized wooden doors open up to a series of cubbies, while a singular doorless recess becomes a display space.  Photography by Rafaela Netto