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Redeco Composed Bachelor Pad Relying on Trendy Dark Colors


High-tech urban dwelling with dark colors, artistic industrialism of expression and clever and dynamic design solutions for small premises. Inventive, expressive and unique the new aim for small urban dwellings – as we have explored before the restraint in inhabitable spaces in modern megapolises leads to new heights in the interior decor scene inspiring the contemporary designers to search for creative solutions that give functionality and unique personality to the small urban studious.

The designers from Redeco had composed this bachelor pad relying on the masculine expression of trendy dark colors, robust materials, and simple lines. Using intriguing and artistic touches inspired by high-tech lifestyle: like the perforated metal panel in the bedroom serving as a space divider, unique designer’s lampstand and bed panel, or the luminous blue of the elegant aquarium installation penetrating in all premises of the small apartment (including in the modernistic bathroom) – the Lithuanian designers created dynamic and expressive decor for the small studio.

The main living premise entwines the classic elegance of the clear-lined furniture, the inventive and dynamic presence of the bespoke installations and furnishing, the strong statement of the trendy black coloring and the row industrial hint introduced by the exposed concrete slabs of the ceiling. Modern urban design touches like the lamps and lighting installations are combined with bespoke elements with sharp presence like the intriguing wine cellar on the wall, or the perforated metal cabinets and space dividers. The elegant, simple lines of the electric blue aquarium become a strong focal point that connects all the functional premises of the apartment.

Smooth dark charcoal or black surfaces (also a very trendy urban touch) are juxtaposed to simple white walls or exposed concrete. The subtle muted green thread goes throughout the apartment introducing a mysterious touch to the design composition and hidden coloring details. Small, clever design elements provide entertainment and unique character round cat door, aquarium window in the bathroom, wooden sticks on the wall to hold the whine bottles and so on – very inspired and playful giving a spirit to the small and smooth urban space.  Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas