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Scandi Style Inspired 19th-Century City House Design


An elegant, eclectic composition that combines the early 19th-century charm of the old city house with the bright lines and organic palette of the Scandinavian inspired contemporary design. Located in Saint Petersburg, Russia this spacious apartment, home of five, was reconstructed and redesign by the architectural studio INT2 architecture following the clients needs and with inspiration from the old building, spirit looked through the prism of contemporary clear lines, organic materials, and abundance of light.

Combining different types of wooden textures from the luminosity of the light herringbone parquet, through the elegant lines of the Scandinavian design furniture, to the fantastic wooden cladding and custom-made structures the designers composes simple yet warm ambiance.

The central living premises features unique organic space division solution in the open floor plan one of the corners is entirely clad in dark veneer, composing a beautiful box – for the kitchen location. This expressive design solution is balanced by equally interesting custom-made structure – bookshelf that gives the light tonality hue of the living room premise. Using the dynamic dialog between the different shades and types of wood and the expressive variety of textures and materials – from the usage of deep hues in the painting of walls and ceilings to the usage of natural materials like cement tiles and porcelain stoneware- the designers composed vivid and modern decor that remains free, open and elegant.

Intriguing entwinement between the beautiful original features of the apartment (like the cute arched window niches) with retro inspired furniture and design elements gives a unique charm to the design composition. Stylish and artistic tile compositions give an aristocratic feel to the old apartment, modern furniture and fittings bring it into today’s world.

The purity of the lines, the organic materials palette and the clean overall expression of the arrangement draw their inspiration from the so modern lately – Scandinavian decor style. Delicate trendy elements throughout the interior – like the brass and metal details spread here and there in the apartment, the black and dark accents and textures, the elegant lighting solutions and designer’s lamps – give the interior composition of this modern apartment contextualized artistry and contemporary elegance.