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Renovating Old City House in Full-Color Luxury


Exquisite details, picturesque design arrangement and strong color accents in serine pastel tonalities that give elegance and feminine sensuality to the decor arrangement – that is the amazing transformation of an old gloom apartment carried on by Miriam Barrio Studio.

Cleverly entwining the luxurious sparkle of the golden and trendy brass elements with intriguing color compositions, the classic charm of the retro details with the contemporary artistry of stylish design furniture and decoration the designer composed a light and cheerful space that possesses artistic character and sophisticated luxury hint.

Undoubtedly one of the strongest, attention-catching and signature: design features of this apartment refurnishing composition, are the fascinating metal details. Spread throughout the condo, cleverly applied on elements such as lamps, furniture, and decoration – their trendy presence is matching beautifully with the vibrant color surfaces. Just check-out the beautiful bathroom combinations.

Rich and pure avocado green, deep blue or even chirps white are paired and enhanced as visual impact by the colder glamour of the metal details. And speaking of deep color composition – the night-sky color of the kitchen decor gives a perfect contextual depth and contrasting functional division to it in the open floor plan composition of the space.

Luminous white composes the rest of the living room premise enhancing the romantic retro vibe of the area. Delicate fresh green accents entwine harmoniously with the ubiquitous golden details. Throughout the premise, the play of colors gives depth; functional accent and space distribution to the architectural and design composition. Trendy lamps, artistic furnishing, and custom made strictures complete the beautiful and vital design arrangement.