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House with Simple Clear-lined Rectangular Volumes


The recently re-appearing passion in contemporary architecture for simple and clear-lined rectangular volumes, composed in a dynamic dialogic fashion between each other. Featuring concrete, class and pure white surfaces as a base for their materials composition and spiced by subtitles organic notes from stone and wood, is magnificently represented by this contemporary project by archiFETO, in Hertsliya, Israel.

The house dynamic and modern facade rests on an old rock, surrounded by water a reference to its natural surrounding and location translated into the architectural construct – that gives a fresh atmosphere and almost airy light. The luminous turquoise reflections of the pool, the transparency of the glass structures are well met by the thin elegance of the long wooden strips and the clear shapes of architectural and design arrangements.

The ground floor opens entirely towards the gardens and terrace premises. Intriguing architectural solutions and shapes create the unique character of the home – windows that open vertically, suspended volumes, and clear shapes compose this modern home. The interior design resigns from an elegant and contemporary selection of furniture, materials and colors palette. The subtle accent of the timeless gray-beige-white and black color composition gives serenity and elegance to any decor composition. Intriguing modern design of lamps and furniture pieces are well suited with the dynamic architectural and materials layout of the home.

Dark-colored, smooth surfaces and furniture arrangements are supplemented by softer expressions of the gray color and textural components that add cozy and welcoming vibe to the composition. The wooden floors, furniture, and custom made fittings (including the staircase and exposed ceiling beams) add to the warmth of the decor arrangement. Still, the dominion of a modern gray-white base with black characteristic accents and clear lines is well felt in the contemporary composition of this modern home.