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Scandinavian-Inspired Ambiance with Natural Materials Composition in Beijing


It is a scientific fact that natural materials composing the ambiance create not only cleaner environment and physical balance but also predispose the living ambiance to more soothing and inviting emanation. Creating the interior for this contemporary Beijing house the Swedish studio Claesson Koivisto Rune used pure, organic materials, pale wood cladding and flooring combined with other types of wooden furniture and space accents – all aiming for the pure expression of well-balanced ambiance. The house represents intriguing entwinement between the simplistic lines of the Scandinavian-inspired interior and the location and traditional facade of the house situated in the Chinese neighborhood of Xiang Jiang.

The home design features large communal spaces that enhance the family and guests interaction in open fluid premise on the first floor and more privet and contextualized spaces on the next floors. Using a combination of hidden LED installation that give a warm and almost magical glow of the surfaces, with intriguing contemporary lamps with unusual design – like the extra-large conical pendant lamp designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Wästberg or oversized paper lantern in the siting room designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the designers give the lighting of the home a strong role in the design composition.

The furniture composition throughout the property is a mixture of classic designs and more contemporary pieces from Scandinavia, Italy, China, and Japan. Intriguing design touch are the 60 small stools that are dotted throughout the house and are created by the designers from offcuts left from the wooden flooring. The owners collection of Chinese antique gives not only an artistic touch to the premises arrangement, but it allows a strong personal vibe that reminiscent the Chinese historical layout of the home.

Trendy large furniture pieces give accent to the purity of the design arrangement – their soft textures, inviting shapes and contemporary design introduce modern ease and comfy expression into the spaces: swing-style seat, Victorian inspired armchair whit cleaner lines, smoothly curved corners of sofas and tables or custom made structures (like the master bedroom wooden bed platform) add to the unique character of this inspired home. Clean natural materials, artistic accents, and entwinement between modernism and classic – a truly elegant interior decor arrangement that uses the advantages of modern science and respects the warmth of the past.