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MyChelsea Boutique Hotel


This beautiful, contemporary hotel creation of Haus Liberty Design, located in Chelsea, London present us with amazing boutique combinations and abundance of intriguing details, trendy materials, textures, and furniture all arranged in stylish and memorable decor.

Part of the sophisticated brand MyHotels – a boutique hotels set in unique locations, complimenting their surroundings the MyChelsea design draw its inspiration from the beautiful gardens, annual flower shows and bohemian spirit of Chelsea. The main premises are composed as greenhouse pyramid with the charming atmosphere of afternoon tea amongst lush green plans but all set on a backdrop of contemporary design, clear lines, and trendy materials.

The furniture compositions including the charming deep green stools – possess the trendy features of the latest modern tendencies in last year design scene: expressive shapes, round crones, lush velvet tactile sensations, deep colors trendy metals – all that gives sophisticate vibe to the decor. Combined with the shine of the brass and metal custom made details like the very impressive bar structure with its stone surface and shining facade. With the expressive geometrics of the carefully sourced furniture pieces, herringbone angles of the white oak parquet compose an ambiance of modern expression with definite retro vibe, elegant playfulness and inviting charm.

Designer’s lamps – like the DH Liberty Luxe Collection, specific design choices – like the hexagonal, honeycomb shapes of the bathrooms’ tiles and the bespoke joinery give the design the modern edge cut that supplements the monochromatic backdrop of the design and the angled geometry of some of the constructs.  Photography by Jack Hobhouse