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Curved Corners and Mint Green Accents at Vilnius Apartment


A design team of architects Vaida Atkocaityte, Valdemar Stupak and Viktoras Ceika created this dynamic modern apartment composed on the base of contrast – curved corners and lines entwine with the purity of the rectangles, light colors in mint, gray and beige tones are supplemented by darker veneer surfaces.

Located in the old city of Vilnius and designated for renting the contemporary apartment has the purity and fresh expression that will fit a wide range of tastes without compromising with creative design. Unique architectural solutions, custom-made fittings and attention towards the detail characterize the interior decor composition. Rounded corners (of walls, volumes, and even furniture pieces) are in dynamic dialog with the clear-line structures extending into space.

The main living premises feature a focal point of mint-colored volume that on one end host the kitchen appliances such as fridge, oven, and dishwasher, and on the other stretches throughout the corridor hiding built-in closets and bathroom door. The designers used the natural wood feel of warmth to compose an ambiance dominated by organic textures that invite and give substance. The intriguing pieces of lighting solutions also add to the mesmerizing atmosphere of the apartment.

White slender ceiling encloses areas of the apartment and forms niches for cove lighting: trendy design lamps adorn the bedroom and hidden lighting accentuates the volumes. Creative custom-made structures and volumes. Like the mint- colored focal center, the elegant line of the bookshelf or the intriguing wooden volume that stretches from one end of the living room to the other forming bench – table – closed multifunctional structure add to the unique character of the apartments design.  Photography by Leonas Garbacauskas