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Prive Storage Units that Unites 1960 Style Inspirations


Christophe Pillet designs Privè, a family of storage units that unites 1960 style inspirations, contemporary lines, and precious materials, making care for details its own characteristic mannerism. The concept of Privè combines elements of high materiality, such as its walnut case, the glass shelves and the leather details of the top and of the accessories, along with a design made of thin weights, 45° edges and the lightness of the four thin little legs in dark brushed steel tubing.

The collection includes two side boards and one cupboard: both models are finished on all sides, opening the way to many placements that see Privè in various settings in the home. Impeccable as a centerpiece in a spacious living area or against the wall in a dining area or entryway, Pillet’s project becomes an object that houses, reveals and hides; a special place which is intimate and public at the same time.

In the first version of the sideboard, the case is divided into three-space: the first with a hinged door, the second occupied by three thin, elegant drawers – which can be personalized with the addition of a sophisticated flatware holder with leather details – and the third with hinged doors and a half-depth glass shelf.

In the second version of the sideboard, the central space is left open – divided in two by a half-depth glass shelf – while in this case both the hinged doors open up revealing as many shelves, creating an interplay of heights that enable it to hold everything in its place and within reach.

In the high version, the wooden cabinet is lengthened, tightening and changing its configuration vertically. In the lower part, a double hinged door opens onto a half-height shelf, inviting one to place one’s most precious bottles and goblets on it. Right above it, a long thin drawer is followed vertically by an open space, a showcase for treasured books and objects.