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Vilnius Apartment Renovation Unearths Historic Charms


We just love the fresh, easy going dynamic of this old city of Vilnius apartment renovation. The urban chic atmosphere with the subtle retro hints decor and historic charm is created by interior designer Kristina Lastauskaitė-Pundė.

Using trendy materials in unexpected settings like the intriguing and original concrete tiles in the foyer, or the glamorous brass details throughout the place, or the intriguing combination of ultra-modern laps design and the ceiling rosettes in the child’s room – are the unique details that create the unforgettable and artistic character of this apartment. Preserving the existing beauty and enhancing the comfort of modern urban life were the designer’s guidelines while composing the decor of the apartment.

Arched window frames, undulated passages between spaces and doors give a sophisticated vibe and softness to the interior and together with the custom-made wooden furniture (library and TV-set with elegant clear-lines, cabinets and space dividers) compose a premise of modern dynamic entwined with the elegant artistic design. Mild pastel tonalities compose the color palette: gray and green, a sparkle of gold and the organic color of the wood create an ambiance of soft, welcoming emanation.

In the kitchen, together with the stylish gray kitchen island, appliances, and custom-made cupboards, the main focal point is the dynamic silhouette of the suspended lamps, a modern design with elegant expression. Gorgeous, wooden dining table in front of the arched windows gives an aristocratic touch to the modern-life design arrangement. The minimalist features of the bedroom entwine modern dynamics: the designer’s lamps and wall cladding; with the retro hint of the walk-in closed decor. Throughout the apartment, elegant and dynamic silhouettes of modern urban lights and lighting solutions spice up the interior and together with the unique pieces of furniture (including the one in the bathroom) create an artistic and fresh decor.  Photography by Leono Garbačausko