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White Concrete House with Old Romantic Spirit


Playing a game of time, the architects from I/O Architects had entwined the old romantic spirit of the house ruins with the contemporary interpretation of avant-garde into one luxurious, expressive and unique home. Renovating the old, gracious house the architects took care to preserve not only its facade but also its organic feel and historic spirit engraved into the stones, bricks and the other organic materials used for the composition of its new expression. The new volume composed of robust white concrete shapes is also offering unique, dynamic and artistic features that create the expressive character of this project.

Located in the center of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria this house, which entwines the complicated historical structures with the clear-lines of the modern times, is an intriguing architectural and design project that successfully represents the dynamic combination of urban-chic, inspired retro and contemporary luxury approaches in one unique interior design composition. The impressive artistic expression of the black metal, spiral staircase composes the spine of the home and with is unique presence entwines the new dynamics with the more settled elegance of time past. Gorgeous masonry work composes stone and brick walls and arches – very expressive around the fireplace- and that, together with extensive wooden cladding and custom-made structures becomes the retro-inspired organic center of the hose architecture and design.

The minimalist contemporary whiteness of the new concrete volume is beautifully supplemented by the unique black spiral that composes the clear-lines of the staircase – a functional yet artistic statement of the design. The furnishing is simple, elegant and with contemporary clear-lines mixed with a retro hint here-and-there. The sophisticated gray – purple tonality combinations prevail. A trendy black-frame glass partition separates the bathroom (with the charming retro touch of the lion-paws bathtub). It is difficult to find a balance when reconstructing gorgeous historic buildings but sometimes the juxtaposition of contemporary dynamics and simplicity to the complexity of the old undulated shapes is a very successful and artistic approach that at the end creates a unique supplementation in a new harmonious vision.  Photography by Assen Emilov