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Historical Building Turning into Tea House


Jiin Torng Studio finished a new renovation of historical relics in Hsinchu city, adjacent to the famous science park of Taiwan. ​​

This building describes over 80 years history of Hsinchu, Taiwan. It’s near Hsinchu station within walking distance, almost the same age as Hsinchu station which was built in a Japan-occupied era. This house itself a record since the Second World War the bright center of the Hsinchu city evolution and development.

The narrow structure space is not conducive to natural light and circulation planning easy, demolition of the building would be not the only solution. In this case, by different roof level drop characteristics of original structures, to create the trans-incline of the roof bar opening introduction of natural light and greenery, and set out the shadows move in the indoor track would be seen. Original enclosed space barrier wall if opened, after that, this space was divided into series spaces were linked by reasonable circulation arrangement. After that, all space functions were well satisfied, while visual scale extends to an outdoor, blurring the lines inside and outside.

The repair process using old bricks and tiles of the removal of the original building as new media to be decorated, transferred into renewal spaces, in the diffuse light tea scent along with cement wall texture, stack of memory, radiating a unique Oriental charm, could enjoy kind of hush here in the city, immersed in the comfortable and relaxing experience. Recycling old window frames and wooden building materials also contain a sense of cultural history and refresh an old building.