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Dark and Cozy One Bedroom Apartment by Davidsign


Dark and cozy one bedroom apartment in Oradea designed for a young couple by Davidsign Studio based in Romania.

Situated in a new apartment building in the city of Oradea, Romania, this 2-room apartment, although relatively small, benefits of enough space for a young couple. Moreover, it is South oriented. Therefore it is bathed in warm natural light most of the day.

The client, a young man, wanted a simple, airy, modern, yet cozy space; with Scandinavian influences and, most importantly, plenty of storage space (for that, as the apartment has no dedicated closet, we had to compensate with the large wardrobes on the hallway and in the bedroom). We tried to keep it as simple as possible, almost monochromatic in the approach, using a lot of whites, greys, blacks, helped by browns and wooden finishes to warm the place up.

The decision to tear down the wall between the living room and kitchen came after concluding that the kitchen was too long and narrow to be comfortable enough, plus that the client was pro to the idea of having an open-space day area. The surprise of the photoshoot was that despite being a grey winter day when we began, the sun got out for a few minutes to let us capture the place in the best possible light! No wonder that my favorite images are the ones with the sun shining through.  Photography by Andreea Iancu