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Design Renovation by RIGI for Three Story Residence in Shanghai


Dealing with old, traditional for Shanghai building dating back to the 1940-ts the architects form RIGI Design Studio had to reimagine and reconstruct the whole three-story building when tasked with its design renovation.

Introducing abundance of natural light into the interior (something that in the original house construct was lacing), reinforcing the architectural construct and entwining contemporary materials palate of glass, steel , white surfaces and clean wood cladding the designer composed a home that can grow, easily change its space arrangement and satisfy the dynamic lifestyle of a modern family.

The semi-opened area on the 1st floor blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, the abundance of fresh green plant life also brings free air into the design composition and the intriguing shapes, custom-made configurations and the imaginative design arrangement crate a home of a bright, dynamic and clean atmosphere.

The designers took care that most of the corners of the hose composition are rounded and smoothened – arched doors, oval skylight-openings, even the corners of rails of the modernistic steel staircase that forms the spine of the dynamic home composition, smooth and rounded. This together with the light and simple color combinations (luminous and timeless combination of grays, whites and wooden caramels) create certain smoothness and serene expression of the design composition. The atrium-like vast windows and their modern metal frames that connect the main living premises with the courtyard, create a warm connection between the inside and outside gardens.

The child’s room has custom made structures, intriguing shapes and cozy niches that compose a fairy-tale play-space for the young. Actually, throughout the home design fascinating architectural creations, smart custom-made arrangements, and fine furnishing form an ambiance of magic and serine atmosphere.  Photography by Tian Fangfang