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Studio Apartment Divided up with Wooden Screens


Light, minimalist and inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetics the design of this small studio apartment in São Paulo makes the timeless combination of light wood, gray concrete and the entwinement of black and white colors to look comfy and inviting.

Exposing the concrete ceilings and it’s lighting pipes the designers from Casa 100 Arquitetura introduced dynamic industrial touch into the elegant decor composition but cleverly balanced it with the exquisite soft textures of the wooden cladding, walls, and flooring in addition to the artistic and contemporary custom made structures and furnishing. Intriguing and imaginative suspended shelving that entwines wood and copper tubes secures storage space and decorates at the same time.  The trendy cooper touch introduced by the designers continues with some beautiful modern lamps that adorn the kitchen and living room premises and other rich design elements.

The light minimalism and Scandinavian style references create a natural flow of premises with not too much information that possesses fresh serenity and some soft, inviting features. Rich textural elements like the black and white rug defining the living room premise, the chill-out puff chair that creates a very cozy corner in the cute terrace – are becoming inviting accents of the otherwise sober and simplistic materials palette. The artistic copper and wood custom made shelving that can be observed throughout the apartment – kitchen, living room, and bedroom gives a specific character and charm to the decor composition like a signature touch that unifies the premises.

The architectural transformation – merging of premises that lead to free flow between living zones, bigger bathroom and master bedroom and inventive wall separation system between the different zones is creating and comfortable living space with contemporary features and certain lightness and spaciousness of expression.  Photography by Gui Morelli