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Lattice Patterns Give an Airiness to Pavilion House


The unusual geometry of this house, pavilion-like construct, the alternation of white solids and lattice patterns that give an airiness to the house composition, the intelligent and artistic solutions of the interior design – all of this compose an intriguing sculptural example of contemporary Israeli design, created by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio.

Creating four levels on a plot that allows only two was challenge meth by the architects with original dash and not just this, but they succeeded to construct open, sunny premises, with clear lines and architectural construct that seems simple and at ease with its surrounding. The shadow and light play created by the filtration of sun through the metallic patterns of the decorative screens enveloping the house (and participating in its interior decor as part of the staircase construct for example) becomes an intriguing and significant participant in the internal design composition.

The iron staircase passes from top to bottom of the home and decorates the four levels interior with its unique sculptural presence. Replicating the decorative pattern of the iron screen of the staircase in the fence surrounding the house the architects achieved artistic continuity between the outside and inside premises. The furnishing and interior decoration of the home combines elegant rustic elements (like the outside table) with sleek hi-tech modern appliances (that compose the kitchen zone for example). Modern and inviting furniture in neutral colors arrange the living room premise and together with the prevailing whiteness of the kitchen decor creates a luminous and serene ambiance. Intriguing lighting solutions can be observed throughout the house. The inner courtyard with its unusual garden furniture is utterly charming.  Photography by Amit Geron