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Space-Saving Design for Studio Apartment


Re-imagining the confined space of this urban apartment the Lithuanian design studio Redeco had created a dynamic and stylish decor that captures with the honest expression of its materials palette ant the bright contemporary arrangement of the limited space.

The materials palette features row, expressive materials like exposed concrete, metal frames and clear lines, the trendy plywood surfaces entwined with exposed brick walls, gray stone surface and elegant wooden lattices and mirrored constructs. The ambiance has a masculine, dynamic and stylish appearance that comes from the clear architectural and design lines, the interesting and youthfully energetic shapes and forms of the bespoke furniture and space arrangements and form the slight industrial and urban-dynamics hint of the materials and colors selection.

The alternation of gray concrete surfaces, textiles in slightly lighter tonality and the abrasive industrial note that comes from the painted brick wall gives a strong characteristic accent of the prevailing gray into the color selection. The dynamic contrast between light and dark in the color palette and the alternation of sleek surfaces with row expressive textures gives a specific life to the decor composition as well. The monochrome color selection of the bathroom arrangement helps the confined space not to look overcrowded and gives it a stylish modern feel.

We have a particular interest in smart contemporary solutions for small urban dwellings and find the designers solution of separating the different premises of the apartment (dining, kitchen and soft sitting zones) from the bedroom space only by and different textural arrangement and custom-made furniture that outlines without divides the area, particularly suitable for dynamic lifestyle and for preserving the open space flow, that gives the feel of spaciousness and freedom without denying privacy.  Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas