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Renovation of Apartment AMC in Lisbon by rar.studio


Sometimes renovating your home is one of the best ideas you can have especially if the result is luminous serenity with minimalist threads that give lightness like is the case of this  Lisbon located apartment. The designers from rar.studio took upon them the reincarnation of the space originally designed by the architect Alvaro Siza and focused on increasing the area and the light rather than a reconfiguration of the layout.

Creating a luminous ambiance that has a particular majestic feel of airy lightness and fairy-tale like combinations of shapes and textures the designers composed a beautiful example of contemporary minimalism with strong artistic and homey feel.

Throughout the apartment, the characteristic entwinement of infinite whiteness (walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and decor elements) and rich organic materials: like the light wood that composes not only the luxurious finishing’s of the apartment but also has a significant presence in the furniture selection, creates an expressive and serene ambiance.

Other luxurious and enriching the textural composition materials: like the gorgeous green marble in the bathroom or the rich textile elements of trendy carpets and modern upholstery; bring the cozy feel and rich tactile experience into the decor composition. Spherical lamps and lighting installations enhance the fairy-tale like decor feel. Even the balcony offers comfy and trendy outdoor furniture selection combined with the artistic touch of delicate lighting spheres arranged on the floor.

Although the apartment’s design configuration explores the contemporary minimalism in its infinite variations the furniture, materials, colors and textural selections of the design team promise enriching and entertaining experience. Here you can see other rar.studio project.