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Original Architecture of Ignacia House with a Hint of the Latest Trends


This gorgeous house from 1913 encompasses evolved Mexican tradition and culture in which you can discover the vanguard of contemporary design. It is an area rich in history which at the same time expresses fresh glistening modern design and offers a view of the tradition and art born in Mexico City.

It’s relevant to highlight that Ignacia Guest House conserved the original historic structure and surroundings in which there is a garden constructed including endemic species from the southeast of Mexico. The house was enlarged to create a central space for socializing and with the feel of a warm living area with the help of private terraces, a bar and a patio with a pool. These elements support and help create an intimate, fresh and distanced environment contrasting from the overwhelming chaos of the enchanting city. This patio works as a transition from the historic house to the rooms because it is based on a contemporary construction which is steered to the camouflage the place in which Ignacia was present.

The modern and unique building is perfectly delimited on the inside due to bold geometric details made of glass and metal differentiating in colors seen in the interior of the rooms which is complemented by the cohesion found in the historic factor of the enclosure. The rooms include a view to the garden with a fountain which transmits tranquility; the comfortable and cozy library doesn’t only work for rest, but for getting a sneak peek into the enriching history of Mexican architecture through the use of current actual publications about the topic as well as a view into the international scope.

The dining room for ten people was conceived as a room for socialization and rest, maybe even the soberest area of Ignacia Guest House. Meanwhile the kitchen, apart from being small, is vital space, as it serves as the nucleus of the Mexican house full of references to the burnished mud and traditional terracotta.

The original doors and windows allow us to observe the house from one corner to the other through the perspective of Ignacia, following the rules of architectural disposition from the beginning of the 20th century, in which all spaces were connected by a long hallway. These articulate domestic dynamics are protecting the intimacy of every individual space. Ignacia Guest House achieves this through the careful choosing of adequate furniture and lighting with chromatic cohesion which respects the original architecture with a hint of the latest trends.