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Design Studio Materia 174 Office Space


What is the best way to show what is one capable of and the best advertisement of your style and design approach for clients? Intriguing solutions and example of contemporary artistic design and an excellent marketing presentation of the designer’s values and ideas is the interior decor composition of this office space for the Ukrainian design studio Materia 174. Creating their one working space the designers aimed for two pleasant goals – to compose artistic and relaxed ambiance in which the working process will feel like joy and to show visitors the designer’s approach towards decor compositions, styles and materials.

The main conceptual aim of the project is to show uncompromising openness towards new global ideas – that translates into the transparency of the interior: surfaces and spaces full of light, securing freedom of creativity and fluid motions plus great urban view. The richness of the material textures, the characteristic expression of the natural materials palette and the entwinement of industrial, luminous and warm accents is another impressive feature of the decor composition. Combining concrete – row and contemporary, marble – classic and luxurious, leather and wood – warm accents and artistic metal elements and frames the designers achieved well balanced and elegant materials expression.

Intriguing custom-made pieces of furniture: like the dynamic leather and wood entwinement that composes the working desks and chairs and secures pockets and comfortable sections for the tools of the artist, or the rolling recycle paper that becomes a warm accent on the row concrete wall and serves as a white board for ideas – compose the playful face of the office design. Light color combinations based on the original and natural feel of the used materials, an artistic and memorable design of lamps, decorative elements and a combination of trendy design furniture pieces, modular items (like in the cute kitchen space) and custom-made details – those are the memorable features of this dynamic design composition.