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Shining Metal Bar at Seesaw Coffee by NOTA Architects


Beautiful exotic plants, light metal structures and contemporary furniture and lighting scheme, intriguing shapes and premises full of light. This is the new Seesaw coffee bar project by studio NOTA Architects in China.

The deep U shaped premises host different functions of everyday coffee experience: from “secret” garden retreat to Roastery Factory production house of coffee beans and open space for all bean-related events such as tutoring, cupping or tasting. Entwining wooden and metal structures and furniture details with trendy terrazzo paving and terracotta cladding on the backdrop of expressive colors selection and lush plant life elements the designers achieved a light contemporary expression with dynamic and characteristic features.

Long  10 m shining metal bar, reflecting mirror installations, perforated steel roof construct inside of the premises. An abundance of sparkling surfaces create a sleek and slightly industrial and youthful ambiance where the bright lines, the contemporary shape of the furniture and the fresh color palette compose a chill and easy-going space arrangement.

The inside garden, the wooden structures, and design details together with the deep blue surfaces and walls add warmth and welcoming vibe to the design composition. Those two tendencies of the design arrangement – metal and wood, fresh green and deep blue balance each other well and create a light and dynamically intriguing atmosphere for a new generation coffee experience. Space is trendy, open and combines modern industrial vibe with classic charm elements.  Photography by Shiyun Qian