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Minimalist Showroom Decor by MDDM Studio


The new showroom of Principle M designed by MDDM Studio in Beijing, China for tailored clothing label, features two entire onyx slabs in a white environment. The stones natural texture creates the focal points and introduces warm colors in a space designed to be simple and neutral to highlight the exhibited fashion pieces.

The ceiling and the floor, both in concrete, are the horizontal surfaces in which white significant scale furniture pieces are inserted. A long white bench defines the perimeter of the space, while a suspended cabinet divides the showroom from the office area.

A nine meter long drawer diagonally crosses the entire length of the showroom and breaks the regularity of the space. This central piece guides the customers through the suits design process. As they enter the showroom, it welcomes and leads them to the design area where the customers meet the tailors to go through the fabric samples. While heading to the fitting room, the customers can browse among other ready to wear accessories, exhibited in glass displays integrated into the drawers.

The drawer can be split into four modules transforming the showroom in a different setting, to host special events like fashion or pop up shows. Thin black steel profiles are used to frame display areas as well as to add more hanging points. For the suspended cabinet, several hanging displays can be arranged in different settings, according to collection changes. Five customized lamps, which feature the same black steel profile together with adjustable spotlights, are arranged in horizontal and vertical settings.