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Enterior Created Welcoming Restaurant Decor for Michelin Chef Adrian Quetglas


Rich and entertaining this Russian restaurant has a new approach towards industrial hints and color combinations. The design studio Enterior crated the dynamic and welcoming restaurant ambiance for the signature cuisine of Michelin chef Adrian Quetglas – ADRi BBQ in Moscow, Russia.

The designers composed the premises of the restart to be open and rich in dynamic combinations of materials, colors, and structures. Apparently, the mobility of the furniture arrangement was also essential for the design composition – so that large companies of fiends to be easily accommodated. The very fresh accent of the floral arrangements – the trendy suspended structures of black metal that hold the vital green plants – are not only a beautiful aesthetic approach of the designer they are also an ingenious method for space configuration that gives privacy but leaves the open flow free of obstructions. The smooth gray surfaces (together with the metal structures, piping and some of the lighting elements) add to the modern industrial hint of the design.

The golden metal lattice suspended above the open kitchen space gives a strong focal accent for the whole open-floor premise. Its luminous and bright yellow presence gives a fresh accent to the food preparation process. The textural addition of multiple wooden furniture pieces (some of them with contrasting framing in bold colors) is also a clever and rich approach to the design composition. Painted in different tonalities of green the park benches give an unformal and playful touch to the furniture arrangement. And together with the lush green plants create a chill out in the park vibe.