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40 sqm Studio Apartment Renovation by Alex Calin


40 sqm studio located in Bucharest, Romania in a building situated near the Cismigiu park, in a historical city center. By the time designer, Alex Calin started the project; nobody had made changes or improvements at the apartment.

The significant changes were loosening balcony and inserting it into living space. This is how a little space for conversation and a work area appeared, and at the same time, this has increased glass surface adding up extra light. All the space is south oriented, and suddenly the vast balcony windows provide a pleasant light all day. The view is nice; the studio is located on the top floor of a quiet green courtyard. One of the former windows has got a bookshelf open on both sides that filters light in the sleeping area and delineates the interior space pleasantly.

The furnishings are in shades of white, with small touches of oak and dotted here and there by a few spots black. The minimal furniture has a bit of Nordic inspiration. All the furniture was designed by Mobilaunicat and is made to cover the needs of the owner.The entrance hallway and kitchen have a discrete-floor checkered with white, black and brown that reminds of the old apartments in Bucharest city center.

The lights represent color accents, and they are entirely black also merging different areas. The owner has a passion for film and music, so the walls are decorated with black and white portraits of several iconic characters.