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Macrocosmos Fantasy Creatures by Alessandro Zambelli


Macrocosmos are fantasy creatures part of the latest collection designed by the Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli.

Printed in 3D by fusion deposition modeling and embellished with colored ERGAL and brass the collection marks the official launch of Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni. The new brand, the brainchild of the designer himself, focuses on experimentation in design and on the creation of limited-edition objects and accessories.

Macrocosmos is a collection of vases and receptacles, conceived as little presences within the household. Iconic, yet emotional, they betray an unmistakeable degree of abstraction, instantly recognizable from their brightly mixed media, lively and capricious coloring and firm lines. Precious detail adds sparkle. The result is an alchemy of pop-art visions, laced with irony.