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Sophisticated Luxury at Williamstown Residence by Fyona Linch


Terrazzo and marble, cool gray surfaces and rich tactile elements, wooden cladding and artistic insertions, modern furniture pieces and unexpected architectural and design solutions – this is the project of Fyona Linch architectural studio in Melbourne, Australia.

The luxury home offers mild color palette compositions, trendy materials and shapes composing an atmosphere of sophisticated luxury and modern expression. The contrast between the durable materials – the industrial presence of the concrete slabs and the shining surfaces of the terrazzo and the marble is cleverly balanced by the wooden insertions, stone and the textile details and the trendy shining presence of brass and metal elements.

The sculptural impact of the kitchen zone aesthetic is escalating from the trendy black solidity of the kitchen island to the light natural elegance of the bar stools, to the modern laps with their suspended thin lines, to the luxurious solidity of the marble background – is beautiful. In the intermission zone between the kitchen and the open plan living room, simplistic white table with a modern shape and leather upholstered chairs complete the aesthetic assembly.

Carefully chosen art objects, trendy lamps, and attractive furniture pieces compose an ambiance of rich textures, harmonious colors, and modern emanation. Entwining wooden cladding with marble slabs upon smooth terrazzo surface the designers achieve luxurious visual impact and very welcoming atmospheres. Photography by Dan Hocking; Styling by Marsha Golemec