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New Catalog by GTV – Bent Wood and Woven Cane


The updated Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH catalog presents the latest products from prestigious names in the international design landscape. Their different approaches help enrich the Wiener GTV Design collection with new stylistic visions inextricably linked to curved wood, a representative element of the company’s passion and soul.

The catalog has been enlarged to best highlight the contemporaneity of the lines and shapes in the latest proposals, such as the PROMENADE sofa with its strong characteristics inspired by a new concept of softness, and revelation of pragmatism and versatility of Philippe Nigro in his first collaboration with GTV.

CHIGNON by Lucidi Pevere is complete softness in a deliberately feminine armchair, which is powerfully iconic thanks to its voluminous shapes and the soft, fun backrest that inspired its name. Also by the same two designers, the new PINCE armchair has an essential and elegant appeal. The delicate and fun flair of the Front designed the N.0 chair instead relates an original idea of elegance through the expressive power of the GTV proposals’ distinctive features: bent wood and woven cane. GTV presents for the first time a new technical mesh on the backrest which gives the N.0 a modern and attractive appearance.